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Leather Dye or Leather Paint?


It's a question that is ask regularly. “I’m after leather dye for my
leather” when in fact you really need leather paint, which is

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Leather Dye vs Leather Paint

I have a leather couch with cracking on the arms. Can I use the Leather Filler and Leather Dye to repair? The short answer is no. You will need to use the Leather Paint if you are going to use Leather Filler on any repairs.

Here's why..
The Leather Dye is alcohol based, so it will soften and smear the filler. No matter how long you leave the filler to dry for.

Leather Dye is for Aniline, Vegetable Tanned Leathers, crusts etc. Leathers that haven't had their surface machine finished and grain embossed, therfore allowing the dye to penatrate the surface. Leather Dye takes on the colour its being applied over. So any dark marks now will still show darker after dying.

Leather Paint

CouchGuard® Leather Paint has the sealer built into the formula making this a one step application for the D.I.Y’er. Its flexible, durable, comes in a range of colours and won’t rub off onto your clothes..

99% of leather couches are Pigmented / Finished Leathers which makes then easier to maintian, clean and repair. You can cover marks, stains and repairs with Leather Paint.

Built In Sealer

Our formula has the sealer built in.


Formulated just for leather.

Huge Range Of Colours

Over 65 Stock Colours

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Awesome Features

Our Formulation

Waterborne Technology and includes the pigment, binder, reducer and topcoat! No need for additional smelly solvent sealers which is extra work and costly.


Designed especially for Finished / Pigmented Leathers, CouchGuard® Leather Colours are durable, flexible and won't rub off onto your clothes.

Apply With Ease

CouchGuard® Leather Colours are easily applied with a sponge, foam roller or spray gun once the area has been prepared.

Endless Colours

CouchGuard® have over 65 stock colours but you can make your own by mixing these together or we can mix n match any colour if you have a suitable sample.

Conditions and additional charges apply.

Industry Leader

We use the best quality ingredients on the market and all backed by Stahl®, the industry leaders in leather finishing products.

Fast and Simple

Just apply the CouchGuard® Leather Colour in layers allowing each coat to dry until the are is covered.

Rotary Spray Machine For Leather

In this modern world of technology we live in today, Pigmented Leathers are coloured using a Rotary Spray Painting Machine. The leather hides are placed onto a conveyor which slowly feeds through the machine while the leather colour is applied by multiply spray heads circling above. This is all computer controlled with minimal paint wastage as the spraying stops as the head passes of the edge of the hide.

Our advanced formulation means applying our Leather Colours is very simple. You can use a sponge, foam roller of spray gun.

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leather repair kit

Leather Repair Kits

Sure, leather is dyed during the tanning process but the final coating is pigment, which is paint and I would say approximately 95% of people get this wrong. It whats known as a Pigmented Leather or Finished Leather and it makes up for about 98% of leather goods including leather couches and automotive leathers on the market..

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Some FAQ's

Here are some commonly asked questions that may just help you.

If you have a Finished / Pigmented Leather now then you need to use our Leather Paint and not leather dye. Leather Dye is for Aniline Leather and vegetable crusts, is solvent based and requires a sealer to be applied afterwards.

Your leather will still look, feel and smell like leather after after being coloured. After the new colour has fully dried, apply CouchGuard® Leather Conditioner to the leather surface to keep its supple feel.

Aniline Leathers are the natural looking leathers, is the very best quality and has natural markings with a waxy feel / finish to it. That colour everyone wants to colour their leather too!
Finished Leathers are still good quality leather but have the imperfections removed, filled, grain embossed the pigment aka Leather Paint applied to achieve that coloured finish. Lets face it. You don't see green or blue cows walking around the fields!

Certainly. Automotive Leather is Finished / Pigmented Leather.

Certainly. It makes no difference to the end result what colour your leather is now. If your leather is in good condition now, then the end result will be great.

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